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Founded in 2000, Beijing TopGreen Group has rapidly developed into a diversified investment holding group with 9 subsidiary companies.

TopGreen Group, originated from forestry and grass industry, was the first private enterprise with grass industrycompany whichthat had has import and exportthe rights to import and export in china’s grass industry,, as well as and a the leading enterprise in national forestry and grass field. Currently the GroupThe group is engaged involved in areas including grass industry, forestry, camellia oil, golf, landscape and investment field. Currently, ,a “Green Ecological Industry Chain” of the company has been completedwhich has made it construct a complete coverage of the "green ecological industry chain ".

Consistently adhering to the methodology of "Green Pioneer, Green Champion", TopGreen Group constantly brings forth new ideas with keen determination.Forging ahead, innovating constantly, adhering to the purpose of "Green Pioneer, green champion", TopGreen Group has become the most valuable entity in the green industry of in China. It The group will continue to be devoted to servingdo its duty to "serve the society" and answer the national call of “establish socialist ecological civilization” , , actively explore the science and technology innovation, product innovation and marketing innovation so as to make greater contribution to China’s green industry.to respond to the call of "establishment of a socialist ecological civilizatioactively explore the development path for scientific and technological innovation, product innovation, marketing innovation so as to make greater contribution for China’s green industries.

As the leading enterprise in camellia industry in China, TopGreen Group is a leading enterprise inChinese camellia industry. It committed to providing consumers with natural and healthy tea oil and making the camellia industry a nationwide green ecological pillar industry, hence, make Chinese tea oil to be welcomed all over the world.